2010 Homecoming & Reunion

Las Vegas Night

Twincorner art + design was given a large amount of freedom on this one. To start a thirteen foot tall “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and lighted poster frames welcomed the guests to the event. Black linen and red napkins were used on the tables to try to give the Civic Center a night club feel. Then we placed large playing cards with glass centerpieces on the black table cloths. Each centerpiece had red dice, red and clear glass rock and multiple hands of playing cards. All the place settings received their own card hands and a few poker chips to add to the casino feel.

Around the auditorium were placed black and red balloons, green visors, show girl silhouettes, and large two foot dice. The dance floor also received the dice which were stacked eight feet tall and lit from within. Atop the stacks of dice were red and black balloon arches which gave a beautifully dramatic look to the venue.

Guests were also able to take a few photos at the poker table which was provided near the auditorium entrance.

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