2011 Homecoming

Arabian Nights

Last Friday evening, October 22, 2011 Twin Corner decorated for the New Mexico Military Institute’s Homecoming to the theme, Arabian Nights. Four large tents and four slightly smaller tents was brought in by Amy’s Tents of Roswell to create one super large tent with sides and to be decorated closer to the theme. The tables were decked out with a gold organza overlay on top of a white table-cloth, a gold charger, and a Genie bottle that lit up from the underside was placed on the charger, and two small genie bottles were filled with sand and used as balloon weights that held three balloons each. The large genie bottle was placed in the center of the long six-foot tables, while the two small genie bottles were placed on each end of the table. In the center of all the tents was a tent frame decorated in twinkle lights and many yards of jeweled fabrics, pillows, and rugs with a large glass bottle to create a huka lounge feel for those starry Arabian nights. On the dance floor two forty-foot long orange jeweled fabric were hung from the tent ceiling draping down, and a lantern was hung from the center of the tent.

Going into the bar area two spiraling balloon columns were built nine feet tall and topped off with gold Arabian dome building tops. Rope lights and spot lights were hung as well in the bar area to provide extra lighting. The tent poles were wrapped with fabric to provide more of the Arabian tent feeling. By the registration table, there were three jeweled colored balloon palm trees and to the left side of entering the tent was an eight foot tall by sixteen foot long Arabian sandy desert sunset mural. Life size belly dancers were present in silhouette form as well as real life providing entertainment for the reunion guests. Last but not least, greeting the guest before entering the tent were (2) three foot gold vases with large palm leaves, draping at the entrance, and a life-size camel silhouette lying down to great the guest. Many spots were available around the tent to provide photo opportunities, such as the camel out front, the palm trees by the registration table, the mural to the left side, or most popular was the huka lounge in the center of the tent.

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