New Event Photos!

The Twincorner Crew just finished up a few great events and I finally had the time to post a few photos.

Here is just a glimpse of a recent wedding at the Civic Center, a homecoming dinner and dance in a huge outdoor tent and a reunion at the Country Club.

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Check out all the photos of the crew’s hard work in our photo gallery pages.

It’s worth a look – they nearly worked themselves into a coma.


Twincorner art + design

Twincorner art + design was created not out of a desire to decorate weddings and birthday parties. It was born out of love. After an extensive courtship, the marriage between Tommy Rincon and Candice Montgomery had taken place and was celebrated by a fair number of friends and family.

One of the attending friends had taken an interest in the evening’s décor and wanted to know who had provided the decorating. When she was told that everything had been decorated by the couple she was very surprised. In the process of planning an event herself she asked if Tommy and Candice would like to provide a bid to design the event decorating.

That was July 2006 and Twincorner art + design has been providing event design services in the Roswell area ever since. Twincorner art + design has decorated for small private birthday parties with guest lists of only twenty-five, as well as private weddings with more than three-hundred and fifty attendees.