New Mexico Military Institute Homecoming and Class Reunion 2012

The Twincorner team just finished our latest event with the New Mexico Military Institute. The NMMI Alumni Association asked us to decorate for this year’s Homecoming Dinner and Dance as well as their Class Reunion.  After a few meetings it was decided that this year’s theme would be the roaring 20s which made us at Twincorner very exited. We’ve been wanting to try this one for a while.

We started with a black, white and red palate for the table tops to match the school’s colors and went from there.  We typically use only one type of centerpiece for the table tops but this year we went with three.

For our first centerpiece we wanted to give a feminine feel and used a long black vase with roses and pearls.  Then we added lights and feathers for texture.

In the second centerpiece we used a tall black candelabra with white tapered candle sticks and added more pearls.

The third centerpiece was designed by Jordan, one of our design apprentices.  It makes a more masculine statement with a bulkier hurricane vase and bow tie topped off with one of the fedoras we used around the room.
A small light below a single rose in the hurricane makes the centerpiece glow from the bottom up.

We added a few center pieces to the entry table, the bar and dessert tables to help unify the room.

Whisky barrels, mason jars full of “straight from the tap” moonshine, a few dancing flapper silhouettes and of course bags of cash were placed around the hall to add to that 20s feel.

And of course you can’t have a 20s party without two 1920s cars.  So, we provided a 1926 Ford Model “T”, straight from the moonshine still, and a 1929 Ford Model “A”, ready to make a deal.

The cars were a huge hit with party guests and were stood next to and posed with through both events.

If you would like see more photos of the event just click on one of the images above to go to this events photo gallery or you can see all of our event photos here.